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Welcome to our shared birthday site.

Inevitably, given a current world population of 7,182,991+ (living) people and only 365 (and a quarter) days, you're special day is shared with quite a large cohort of others. Some of them well known and some of them interesting.

In fact, on any given day, nearly twenty million people will flush with warm joy or cringe with outright embarrassment at the sound of Patty and Mildred's somewhat simple tune.

On these pages we have gathered together the good, the bad and the fascinating and written about them, a bit. We've also listed some of the major events of your day and safeguarded your future with a Horoscope. If today is your birthday then best wishes from us all, if not please peruse, amaze yourself and, please, tell your friends.

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...and sharing your birthday (from left to right in picture above)
 Earl Grey 

PM of United Kingdom. The 2nd Earl Grey (Charles) passed his name on to a form of black tea laced with Bergamot oil. The tea is known as 'Old Stinky', the man was probably known by many names as he was a serial adulterer.
Linda Robson(1958-)

English actress, Birds of a Feather. An acting career that has been capped by the traditional celebrity dead-ends such as Masterchef, Come Dine With Me, Weakest Link etc.
Joseph Priestley(1733-1804)

Co-discovered oxygen gas and invented Soda water. Eventually had to flee to the US after a mob burned his house down. He held some rather controversial views for the time.
L Ron Hubbard(1911-1986)

Science fiction writer and originator of the 'Scientology' cult. This is loosely based on us all being descended from aliens and members contribute vast sums of money to the centre, just like all the rest really!
Neil Sedaka(1939-)

American singer/ songwriter once fired by the Carpenters as their opening act.
Also born on this day but not pictured
Adam Clayton, Stephen Maguire, Harry Melling, Tessie (Two-Ton Tessie) O'Shea, Kathy Hilton.

Quote of the Day:

"Writing for a penny a word is ridiculous. If a man really wants to make a million dollars, the best way would be to start his own religion."

- L Ron Hubbard

On This Day;

1970   UK
In the Bridgewater by-election 18-year-olds vote for the first time since the age of majority was reduced from 21 in January. This was also the first time ballot papers were marked with the name of the party as well as the candidates.
1781   UK
William Herschel discovers the planet Uranus at his home in Bath.
1996   UK
Thomas Hamilton goes on a shooting spree at a school in Dunblane, killing 16 children and their teacher, before killing himself.
1894   UK
J L Johnstone of England invents the horse racing starting gate.
1887   US
Chester Greenwood of Maine patents earmuffs. He established Greenwood's Ear Protector Factory and made a fortune supplying ear protectors to U.S. soldiers during World War I.

A quick sip from the trivia cup:
At the rate of about 40 painting hours per horse on the King Arthur's Carousel at Disneyland, it takes several years to refurbish all of the horses. Then the cycle starts again.

  • Sign:  Pisces
  • Colour:  Turquoise
  • Element:  Water
  • Stone:  Turquoise
  • Metal:   Tin
  • Planet:   Neptune

The Week of Dancers and Dreamers. The Pisces 3 period takes Dancers and Dreamers as its central image. Simply put, this period closes the Grand Cycle and represents the ending of this lifetime on earth. The great wheel has at last come full circle. Those about to leave this earthly plane feel the gravity of the earth's attraction more strongly than ever but also the inexorable pull of the world beyond. Even through pain and suffering, a range of emotions may be felt; from acceptance to expectation to excitement to joy.

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